Previous Projects

poster of I'm NOT Bad

I'm NOT Bad

A docu-drama short about a woman who confronts her negative child-hood programming and the healing process she undergoes.

Bad Seed, The Truth About Our Food

2006 documentary about the hazards of genetic engineering of food crops.

Directional Boring Advantage [2013]

Remake of our 2000 video on directional boring with all new HD footage and animation.

Directional Boring Advantage [2000]

Award winning educational video about directional boring technology.

What Makes a Job Great?

Corporate video for Bid Ocean, Inc.

Bid Ocean Cares

Corporate video for Bid Ocean, Inc.

A Visit With Prof. Rustum Roy

Interview with Prof. Rustum Roy on the topic of whole person healing, bigu (breatharianism), qigong, John of God & more.

A Visit with Dr. Stephen Schwartz

An explanation of remote viewing, its applications and implications for human consciousness.

A Visit With Bill Bengston

Dr. Bill Bengston discusses his studies on curing cancer using a hands-on healing technique.

Scared Crow Productions, Inc.